Chloe has lectured on a variety of topics related to fashion. She has spoken at the Yale School of Drama, NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University, and Sapienza University of Rome.

Favorite lectures include:

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the evolution of men’s formalwear in film

the origins, development, and regulations of male formal dress in the 19th & 20th centuries, and the research challenges and opportunities it presents today

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From Elizabethan ruffs to the stiff stocks of Mr. Darcy – the fascinating origins of neckwear and what it says about changing ideas of masculinity.

when did women’s short hair cuts really begin, and who made them fashionable?


How the visual language of fashion reinforces archaic ideas that women should be decorative, expensive representations of a father or husband’s wealth – and not intelligent, useful people in their own right.

An investigation of silhouettes and period details in Disney movies: the real, the made-up, and the totally absurd