Reed Alumni Magazine



Cover Story “Patterns of Power: how fashion reveals and
enforces the hidden hierarchies of society” (profile of
Chloe’s fashion history course) by Randall S. Barton in
Reed Alumni Magazine Volume 95, No. 1: March 2016





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“How Did the Belt Win?” interviewed by
Stephen J. Dubner for Freakonomics Radio
Episode. 24 September 2015.


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The Wall Street Journal

WSJQuoted by Ray A. Smith in “Pockets Pop Up on
Fancy Gowns,” article about the history of
pockets in The Wall Street Journal. 27 August, 2014.







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The New York Times

NYTImesQuoted by Devin Sipher in “Breaking the
Monkey-Suit Mold,” article about male formalwear
in The New York Times. 22 August 2014.